What Dual SIM Means and How Dual SIM Phones Work

    1. A Dual SIM card phone is a phone that enables you to use 2 SIM cards at the same time.
    2. Each of the 2 SIM cards gives you a phone number to a network.
    3. You may, for instance, use your Safaricom SIM/number and Telkom SIM/number in a single mobile phone.
    4. Dual SIM is a feature that is intended to bring convenience to mobile users.
    5. You can choose which network works best for you in texting or calling people at any given time.
    6. The choice is usually dependent on the charges by a given network for services such as calls.
    7. Having a Dual SIM phone means you can operate with 2 different phone numbers from the same phone.
    8. Dual SIM is also crucial in the purchase of internet data bundles since the various networks have differently priced bundle packages.
    9. Having a single SIM card phone limits you to only one network for calls, texts, and browsing.
    10. Using a dual SIM card phone, you also have the luxury of operating a personal and a business number from the same phone.


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