What does HDMI stand for and what does it do in TV?

    1. HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface.
    2. An HDMI cable is used to transmit audio and video simultaneously from a source to a monitor/screen.
    3. The source can be a TV decoder or a laptop. The display screen can be a TV, computer monitor, or projector.
    4. Modern televisions and computers support HDMI in order to receive high-resolution digital video and theatre-like (3D) sound.
    5. HDMI cables come in 3 sizes which are;
        1. Standard HDMI. This is widely used in TVs and computers.
        2. Mini HDMI. Commonly used in portable cameras but has the same functionality as the standard.
        3. Micro HDMI. Commonly used in phones but has the same functionality as the standard.
    6. Their specifications also vary in the following ways;
        1. Standard
        2. High speed
        3. Premium high speed
        4. Ultra-high-speed
    7. The specification is usually indicated on the cable. If it’s not marked, then the cable is probably standard.
    8. HDMI cables also come in varying lengths including 1.5, 3, and 10 meters.
    9. You only need to locate the HDMI port at the back or bottom areas of your TV to connect the cable.
    10. Using HDMI, you can project your laptop screen onto your TV for a more prominent display.