What Does a Hot Air Convection Fan Do in Cookers?

    1. A hot air convection fan (simply convection fan) is a device found in ovens that are often included inside modern cookers.
    2. A convection oven primarily works through a convection fan that blows hot air all around the food.
    3. The hot oven air is then vented back out through an exhaust system.
    4. The fan helps the even circulation of hot air around the food and it quickens the baking.
    5. Modern cookers have both fan-assisted ovens and regular ovens.
    6. Regular ovens do not have a fan and exhaust system.
    7. The kind of food you prepare determines whether or not to use the convection oven.
    8. For cookies, for instance, you need the convection oven setting to enable you to bake more than one tray of cookies simultaneously without having to rotate them midway through baking.


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