What are Washing Machine Programs?

    1. Washing machines are fitted with different washing systems to handle different types of fabric.
    2. Clothes are made from materials such as polyester, cotton, and silk, among other pieces of fabric.
    3. You may find some of the washing machines labeled to have 3 washing programs, 5, e.t.c.
    4. Some of the washing programs include;
        1. Cotton program.
        2. Synthetics program
        3. Wool/delicate program. This program operates with low temperatures and low drum rotation to guard against cloth damage.
        4. Sports program. It has longer wash cycles to remove stubborn stains on sports kits.
    5. Most washing machines have a cotton program but miss out on the synthetic program.
    6. You can select different washing programs using the program type knob on the machine’s control panel.
    7. It is important to check the washing programs of your machine in line with the kind of clothes you mostly use.


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