What Are Phone Camera Megapixels?

    1. Pixel is a word derived from Picture Element, which is the smallest unit of a digital image.
    2. Pictures consist of numerous individual pixels which are added light and color to form the images we see.
    3. A megapixel denoted as MP is a single unit consisting of 1 million pixels.
    4. Counted per inch, pixels and megapixels determine the digital image resolution.
    5. This means a 13-megapixel camera sensor can give you images with 13 million pixels per inch (PPI).
    6. Having a camera sensor with more megapixels will certainly give you more detail on the images you take.
    7. The image quality is, however, not entirely on the megapixel number and quantity of detail collected.
    8. Phone cameras with increased individual pixel size can give sharper images with more clarity.
    9. Improving pixels by increasing their size gives them more room to attract more light which greatly helps in forming sharp pictures.


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