What are Dual Subwoofers and Why Do You Need Them?

    1. A dual subwoofer is a low-frequency effect channel within a sound system, for example, a home theater.
    2. It consists of 2 subwoofer speakers.
    3. A subwoofer is an important unit in a home theater receiver because it produces bass.
    4. Sound systems initially came with one subwoofer, however, modern home theaters now have dual subwoofers.
    5. People often insist on maintaining one subwoofer because there is already enough or excess bass in the room.
    6. A dual subwoofer has a smoothening effect by distributing the bass more evenly throughout the room.
    7. Dual subwoofers placed at either room corner interact flawlessly creating linear bass frequencies thereby giving you optimal bass.
    8. You can even improve this by having 4 subwoofers. It further reduces sound distortion.


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