What are 4G and LTE Phone Networks?

    1. 4G and LTE are among the most confusing terms in the Tech world.
    2. While the two networks emerged around the same time, they are different.
    3. For starters, 4G is a fourth-generation network while LTE stands for Long Term Evolution network.
    4. The reason why the 2 are mentioned as one (4G LTE) is primarily because of marketing.
    5. LTE is a network that upgraded the 3G network that had speeds in kilobits per second.
    6. The new LTE network introduced faster internet speeds measured at megabits per second.
    7. While LTE redefined internet connectivity, 4G was also being rolled out.
    8. 4G is even more powerful with peak speeds hitting the 1 Gbits/sec mark.
    9. The body that regulates 4G, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU-R) does not have the means to enforce 4G standards.
    10. This is one of the reasons why phone marketers label phones as 4G LTE.


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