What AMOLED Phone Screen is and How it Works

    1. AMOLED stands for Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes.
    2. Samsung extensively uses AMOLED screens and pioneered their usage on Smartphones.
    3. The functioning of the AMOLED screen resembles that of a TFT screen in that each pixel has its own lighting.
    4. In AMOLED display the pixels themselves are independent Organic Light Emitting Diodes.
    5. This means that for the screen to assume black color, the individual diodes are turned off.
    6. In the Galaxy S series, for instance, very little/negligible power is used in lock screen mode because almost all pixels/diodes are off.
    7. AMOLED can turn off pixels that are supposed to display the black portions of an image, making the black as dark as it can be.


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