What a Spin Timer is in a Washing Machine and How to Use it

    1. Washing machines have a wash tub and spin tub which is a smaller unit located beside the wash tub.
    2. The spin tub rinses your clothes off the soapy water from the wash tub. It also spin-dries the clothes.
    3. The spin tub does this through a spin cycle which is controlled using a spin timer.
    4. You first need to transfer your clothes from the detergent/soap-laced wash compartment to the spin tub.
    5. Cover them with a spin mat before covering the main lid of the spin tub.
    6. Change the mode of the machine from Wash to Spin.
    7. Go ahead and set the spin timer usually from 2 – 5 minutes, depending on how much rinsing and drying you require.
    8. 2 minutes is ideal when you want to rinse only, while 5 minutes is when you want to also dry your clothes.
    9. You can have multiple spin cycles on your clothes to rinse them to your satisfaction.


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