Vitron 3.1 SubWoofer Review – All You Need to Know

    1. Vitron 3.1 SubWoofer is a powerful affordable sound system designed for an enhanced audio experience for entertainment.
    2. This is a Vitron 3.1 SubWoofer review detailing the price, specs, and features.
    3. Read on for details on the Vitron 3.1 SubWoofer channels and connection.
    4. We tell you about the Vitron 3.1 SubWoofer amplifier and setup.



Vitron 3.1 SubWoofer price in Kenya (Ksh. 5,821)




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Vitron 3.1 SubWoofer costs Ksh. 5,821 on Jumia. Picture/Jumia



Vitron 3.1 SubWoofer audio channels

    1. The Vitron 3.1 SubWoofer is a lower version of the traditional home theater system that usually has a minimum of 5 speakers.
    2. This sound system is set up in a 3.1-channel system that has a single subwoofer and 3 tweeter speakers.
    3. Together, they enhance the low audio output of your connected devices giving you enhanced rich sound coming through the differently designed speakers.
    4. The single subwoofer in the home theatre system amplifies bass all around you.
    5. The tweeter speakers on the other hand reproduce sharp/high-frequency sound for sweet melodies.
    6. This makes the system the perfect combination of power, sophisticated and heart-pounding bass.




Vitron 3.1 SubWoofer setup

    1. The Vitron 3.1 SubWoofer setup is much simpler and straightforward given the number of speakers involved.
    2. Unlike a typical home theater system that has front and surround sound speakers, the Vitron 3.1 SubWoofer assumes a traditional setup at one location in the room.
    3. Two speakers can be stationed on either side of the subwoofer, while one center speaker can be placed above the subwoofer.
    4. You do not have to set up your subwoofer in the open, preferably, it can operate in a corner.
    5. The subwoofer delivers low-frequency efforts and low bass, ensuring you get the best cinematic surround sound experience ever.
    6. Other than the subwoofer, the rest of the speakers are satellite speakers that are dedicated to high-frequency sound (sharp high-pitched audio) for a proper surround sound.




Vitron 3.1 SubWoofer amplifier

    1. Vitron 3.1 SubWoofer has an amplifier with multiple input modes and an incredible power output of 10000W.
    2. An auxiliary port helps to improve the quality of audio from your TV, laptop, or phone speakers to give you boosted and more refined sound.
    3. You can also conveniently pair and play music via Bluetooth and enjoy music on a variety of devices such as smartphones and tablets.
    4. Other input modes you can use to listen via the mini home theatre include USB and SD cards.
    5. The amplifier unit also has an antenna that enables you to tune various radio and FM stations.
    6. The LED light functionality helps you switch between different modes and inputs in your home theatre system.
    7. With various connectivity options, set up your speaker to meet all your entertainment needs.



Vitron 3.1 SubWoofer costs Ksh. 5,821 on Jumia. Picture/Jumia



Vitron 3.1 SubWoofer Accessories

    1. Remote control
    2. User manual




Vitron 3.1 SubWoofer design

    1. The sound system comes in a very simple design and is easy to install in rooms.
    2. The setup instructions are stress-free and without complications and the clutter of wires.
    3. You only need to tuck in a few wires into a few ports and switch on power to get your system up and running.
    4. It has an elaborate manual to guide you, with colored cables that match the ports to make it easy for you.
    5. The Bluetooth technology of this mini home theatre enables you to wirelessly pair your similarly equipped devices such as smartphones and tablets to this system.
    6. While its stylish design is a worthy addition to your house, it makes you enjoy your amazing music and movies with sound clarity never heard before.




Vitron 3.1 SubWoofer gaming experience

    1. Vitron 3.1 SubWoofer’s powerful amplifier makes it one of the most sort-after affordable sound systems for gaming.
    2. It gives you an epic gaming experience with accurate sound and vibration for every action in the video game.


Vitron 3.1 SubWoofer costs Ksh. 5,821 on Jumia. Picture/Jumia




Vitron 3.1 SubWoofer pros

    1. It is an affordable powerful sound system with up to 10000W when working normally.
    2. Vitron 3.1 SubWoofer has multiple connectivity options that offer you convenience.
    3. You can play audio from your phone, USB flash drive, and TV through Aux.



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Vitron 3.1 SubWoofer cons

It has fewer audio channels than a typical home theatre system which reduces the richness of audio and surround sound effects.




Vitron 3.1 SubWoofer alternatives

    1. Nunix NU-9090A Home Theatre 5.1
    2. Von VEH400SAP Home Theatre
    3. Sony Home Theatre DAV-DZ950 5.1
    4. Nunix 3.1 Mini Home Theater
    5. AMPEX 3.1 Channel Subwoofer