Ulefone Note 6 Review – All You Need to Know

    1. Released in July 2021, Ulefone Note 6 is one of the most efficient affordable smartphones in Kenya.
    2. Retailing at around KES. 11,000 Ulefone Note 6 is ideal for many Kenyans with low incomes and who need a smartphone.
    3. This is an Ulefone Note 6 review with details about price, specs, and features.
    4. Read on for details about Ulefone Note 6 Android version, Ulefone Note 6 battery life, and Ulefone Note 6 camera.
    5. Find information on Ulefone Note 6 fingerprint sensor, Ulefone Note 6 display, and Ulefone Note 6 memory.



Ulefone Note 6 price in Kenya (KSh 10,200)

    1. Ulefone Note 6 costs KSh 10,200 and is available on Jumia.
    2. Ulefone Note 6 is available at the following retail stores;
        1. Phone Place Kenya
        2. Masoko
        3. Kilimall
        4. SkyGarden
        5. Gadgets Leo



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Ulefone Note 6 costs KSh 10,200 and is available on Jumia. Picture/Ulefone



Ulefone Note 6 Android version

    1. Ulefone Note 6 runs smoothly and fast based on Android 11 Go OS out of the box, bringing a powerful and smooth experience.
    2. Application startup speed has been greatly improved, new privacy protection mechanism adopted will protect your privacy and security.




Ulefone Note 6 battery (3300mAh)

    1. Users often require a phone that they can carry throughout their entire day schedule without having to worry about a charger.
    2. Ulefone Note 6 has a battery capacity of 3300mAh enough for a day’s usage without power running out.
    3.  A 5W charging system can replenish your phone once power runs out.



Ulefone Note 6 camera

    1. The Ulefone Note 6 camera gives you a decent photography experience, capturing staggeringly beautiful landscapes and documenting memories.
    2. The 5MP main rear camera has brilliant vision, assisting you to record every beautiful moment to last forever.
    3. The 2MP front camera with HDR and beautify function captures your features perfectly to generate stunning selfies.
    4. You can turn on the night scene mode to automatically optimize the photography effect in order to capture night photos with high clarity in limited light.





Ulefone Note 6 connectivity (dual SIM)

    1. Ulefone Note 6 connects you to networks that allow you to put your phone to its main use: communication.
    2. It has WiFi connectivity for internet access, as well as Bluetooth/NFC for file transfers.
    3. Ulefone Note 6 supports an SD card, as well as FM radio and GPS.
    4. It supports the following networks;
        1. GSM/2G
        2. WCDMA/3G
    5. Ulefone Note 6 has Dual NanoSIM.



Ulefone Note 6 colors and design

    1. Smartphone users often want a fancy gadget appealing to the eyes with the right texture.
    2. Ulefone Note 6 is designed in the following colors;
        1. Purple
        2. Black
        3. Red
        4. Green
    3. Ulefone Note 6 has a dual-film and dual-plating nano-texture. These bring brilliance into your grasp of the phone in your hand.
    4. Ulefone Note 6  is super lightweight and compact, weighing only 155g creating an excellent holding experience.
    5. This provides a compact and well-balanced look and feel. Hold it in hand comfortably and carry it around with ease.
    6. The phone measures 155.35 mm in height, 73.4 mm in width, and 8.5 mm in thickness.





Ulefone Note 6 fingerprint sensor

    1. While Ulefone Note 6 does not include a fingerprint sensor, it has a face recognition feature to secure your phone from unauthorized access.
    2. Ulefone Note 6 has the following sensors;
        1. The acceleration sensor tracks different motion like shaking, tilting, swinging, and rotating and accordingly change the orientation of your app.
        2. Proximity sensor that detects a phone close to the ear and turns off the screen.
        3. Ambient light sensor to make phone screen lighting comfortable to the user.



Ulefone Note 6 display (6.1 inches screen size)

    1. Whether you are watching a clip, reading, or playing a game, screen size is often one of your biggest concerns.
    2. The display area determines how much perspective you encounter, comfort, and ease of operating your phone.
    3. Ulefone Note 6 has an expansive 6.1-inch screen with a 720 x 1560 HD+ resolution.
    4. These features guarantee you ultra-clear and sharp pictures on your screen.
    5.  The 19.5:9 aspect ratio perfectly fits your hand provides a comfortable feel and makes flexible one-hand operation possible.
    6. The 5-point Multitouch feature gives accurate responses to your touches on the screen.






Ulefone Note 6 memory and storage (32GB ROM, 1GB RAM)

    1. Internal storage has been a constant fuss for many smartphone users.
    2. Ulefone Note 6 has a sufficient 32GB internal storage space and 1GB RAM.
    3. The internal storage can be expanded up to 128GB through a Micro SD card.




Ulefone Note 6 processor (Unisoc SC7731E)

    1. A smartphone is as good as its processing speed.
    2. With modern realities where you might need to execute multiple tasks simultaneously, you need an unwavering processor.
    3. Powered with a Unisoc SC7731E quad-core processor the Ulefone Note 6 is built to handle heavy-duty multitasking.
    4. It is also fitted with an Arm Mali-T820 GPU (graphics processing unit).
    5. This gives you epic night shots, incredibly clear photos day and night, and an optimized mobile viewing experience.



Ulefone Note 6 costs KSh 10,200 and is available on Jumia. Picture/Ulefone



Ulefone Note 6 box contents



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Ulefone Note 6 image, video, and image formats

    1. You can access different forms of content on your Ulefone Note 6. The following are the supported formats;
        1. Video format: 3GP, MP4
        2. Audio format: MP3, AMR, AAC, FLAC
        3. Image format: GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP
        4. Ebook format: TXT