What is active noise cancellation and how does it work in phones?

Noise cancellation is a mechanism that is used to reduce or neutralize unwanted background noise. Also known as active noise cancellation, it involves the production of internal sound signals to counter or suppress external noise. This process is executed through the coordination of microphones that pick up the noise and a chipset that inverts the …

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What is Harman Kardon sound system in tablets?

Harman Kardon is an American subsidiary of Samsung Electronics. It manufactures audio equipment for gadgets, cars, and homes. Harman Kardon reproduces sounds as they’re meant to be heard and delivers a proper surround sound experience.     Also read: What is curved glass design in mobile?  

What is Ozo playback?

Ozo playback is an audio technology developed by Nokia for Nokia devices. It is meant to bring the sound sensation you find in a cinema theater to your tablet/device speaker system. Ozo playback brings a 3D spatial sound coming from all directions in your surrounding. This creates an immersive experience making you feel at the …

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What is AKG audio in phones?

AKG Acoustics (Akustische und Kino-Geräte) is an Austrian sound engineering and manufacturing company. Its products have been popular over the decades, developing the signature AKG audio experience. Some of AKG Acoustic’s products include Samsung earbuds. These earbuds and many other products are compatible with Dolby Atoms technology. Thanks to AKG audio and Dolby Atoms, Samsung …

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