Sony DAV-DZ650 Home Theatre 5.1 Review – All You Need to Know

    1. Sony DAV-DZ650 Home Theatre 5.1 is a sound system that is designed to replicate the movie cinema experience.
    2. It has one subwoofer, 2 tall tweeter speakers, and 3 small tweeters to create an immersive surround sound that drags you to the center of the show.
    3. This is a Sony DAV-DZ650 Home Theatre review detailing the price, specs, and features.
    4. Read on for details on the Sony DAV-DZ650 Home Theatre channels, Bluetooth connection, and setup.
    5. We tell you about the Sony DAV-DZ650 Home Theatre amplifier and sound modes.



Sony DAV-DZ650 Home Theatre 5.1 price in Kenya (Ksh. 85,000)



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Sony DAV-DZ650 Home Theatre 5.1 costs Ksh. 85,000 on Jumia. Picture/Sony DAV-DZ650



Sony DAV-DZ650 Home Theatre 5.1 channels

    1. Sony DAV-DZ650 Home Theatre is a powerful sound system with an incredible cumulative power output of 1000W.
    2. The Sony DAV-DZ650 Home Theatre comes with one subwoofer, 2 tall tweeter speakers, and 3 small tweeters.
    3. Together, they enhance the low audio output of your connected devices and convert the room into a theater.
    4. A theatre experience is explained by the immersive surround sound that drags you to the center of the show.
    5. The single subwoofer in the home theatre system amplifies bass all around you.
    6. The tweeter speakers on the other hand reproduce sharp/high-frequency sound for sweet melodies.
    7. This makes the system the perfect combination of power, sophisticated and heart-pounding bass.




Sony DAV-DZ650 Home Theatre amplifier (stereo receiver)

    1. Sony DAV-DZ650 Home Theatre 5.1 has a powerful amplifier that has multiple input modes.
    2. It churns out a cumulative sound power output of 1000W.
    3. You can also play music or videos through HDMI, Bravia Sync, and USB.
    4. A home theater auxiliary port helps to improve the quality of audio from your TV, laptop, or phone speakers to give you boosted and more refined sound.
    5. You can also conveniently pair and play music via Bluetooth and enjoy music on a variety of devices such as smartphones and tablets.
    6. With various connectivity options, set up your speaker to meet all your entertainment needs.
    7. The Sony DAV-DZ650 Home Theatre stereo receiver also has an antenna that enables you to tune various radio and FM stations.



Sony DAV-DZ650 Home Theatre 5.1 design

    1. The sound system assumes a well-polished design and is easy to install in rooms.
    2. The setup is simple with instructions that are stress-free and without complications and clutter of wires.
    3. The installation instructions are meant to assist you to experience a higher sense of audio clarity.
    4. The Bluetooth technology of this Sony Home Theater enables you to wirelessly pair your similarly equipped devices such as smartphones and tablets to this system.




Sony DAV-DZ650 Home Theatre setup

    1. After strategically placing your speakers, your home can become your personal theatre for either yourself or intimate parties to fully enjoy the movie in full comfort.
    2. The 5.1 channel system comes with three front speakers – front, left, and right – as well as two, surround speakers located at both corners of the room.
    3. You do not have to set up your subwoofer in the open, preferably, it can operate in a corner.
    4. The subwoofer delivers low-frequency efforts and low bass, ensuring you get the best cinematic surround sound experience ever.



Sony DAV-DZ650 Home Theatre 5.1 costs Ksh. 85,000 on Jumia. Picture/Sony DAV-DZ650



Sony DAV-DZ650 Home Theatre 5.1 karaoke mode

    1. The Sony DAV-DZ650 Home Theatre 5.1 has an amazing karaoke feature that gives you a great time singing along to your favorite songs.
    2. Karaoke is a form of entertainment that involves a person singing along to a song playing in the background.
    3. Though common in bars and social joints, it is not a bad choice for home entertainment.
    4. The primary issue in doing karaoke at home is getting the audio from your microphone and the TV song to mix flawlessly.
    5. While there is a special karaoke kit, a home theater system can accommodate karaoke and give you better surround sound.
    6. Sony DAV-DZ650 Home Theatre 5.1 can work alongside other devices like a microphone receiver and a sound mixer to give you the ultimate karaoke experience.






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Sony DAV-DZ650 Home Theatre equalizer

    1. You can make use of the system’s equalizer to change the settings and personalize your audio.
    2. The frequency band of this home theater system can also be adjusted as per your preference for that perfect sound.
    3. The equalizer has the following modes that give you specialized surround sound;
        1. Sound mode movie
        2. Sound mode music




Sony DAV-DZ650 Home Theatre accessories and box contents

    1. Remote control
    2. Batteries (Remote Controller)
    3. Instruction manual
    4. Composite cable
    5. FM Antenna