Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Review – All You Need to Know

    1. The Galaxy Z Flip4 is Samsung’s latest addition to the foldable phone market.
    2. Released in August 2022, Galaxy Z Flip4 is an upgrade of its predecessor the Galaxy Z Flip3.
    3. It comes with a host of improvements from battery life to camera capabilities.
    4. The Galaxy Z Flip4 can be used in flex and flat mode, giving you superior versatility for everyday use.
    5. This is a review of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 specs and features.



Galaxy Z Flip4 price in Kenya

    1. The Galaxy Z Flip4 costs KSh 104,500 and is available on Jumia
    2. Galaxy Z Flip4 also retails at approximately KES 143,000 at Samsung brandcart.



An all-convenient flex mode

    1. The Galaxy Z Flip4 is designed like a laptop where the screen has to be flipped up.
    2. Flex mode is when your Galaxy Z Flip4 is unfolded such that there is a vertical upper screen and a horizontal lower screen.
    3. Like the laptop, the two parts are held together and moved by hinges.
    4. For the modern smartphone, convenience is what you are definitely looking for.
    5. The Galaxy Z Flip4 solves this by having a cover screen that acts as a notification panel.
    6. This allows you to check notifications without unfolding and unlocking your phone.
    7. Several widgets on the cover screen have quick utilities like;
        1. Weather
        2. Music player
        3. Text message notifications
        4. Email notifications
        5. Date and time
        6. Battery percentage
    8. As such, you only get to open your phone to either check or respond to the most important/urgent information.
    9. Flex mode is also superb when you are using the phone camera.
    10. On a video call, for instance, you can position your phone like a laptop and attend your call with ease.
    11. With the horizontal screen area acting as support, the phone can steadily be placed on a table for such a call.
    12. You can also tilt the Galaxy Z Flip4 in flex mode and hold it like one of those old camcorders to shoot videos.





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Bigger display on flat mode

    1. Flat mode is what you can call the main phone.
    2. Flat mode ushers in the full length and breadth of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 in its unfolded form.
    3. A flat Galaxy Z Flip4 has an expansive 6.7-inch screen display.
    4. The screen is equipped with a superior AMOLED display and a resolution of 1080 x 2640 pixels and a pixel density of 426 PPI.
    5. These features guarantee you ultra-clear and sharp pictures on your screen.
    6. To boost your visual experience, a 120Hz refresh rate is also included in the display.
    7. The refresh rate allows your phone to load and display individual picture frames on your phone much faster.
    8. 120Hz refresh rate assures you of a smooth gaming experience and animation.




Flexible cameras

    1. Galaxy Z Flip4 cameras are built in such a way that you can use them in either flat or flex mode.
    2. The camera system has different capabilities that include;
        1. Superb night photography
        2. FlexCam allows a hands-free shooting of pictures.
        3. Self-portrait photography
        4. High angle agility to capture different perspectives and mind-blowing detail.
    3. The Galaxy Z Flip4 has a 10-megapixel front camera to capture clear and sharp selfies.
    4. A dual camera system at the back complements the selfie camera.
    5. It has wide-angle and ultra-wide angle sensors that have 12 megapixels each.
    6. You can take selfies/portrait photos without opening your phone using the rear camera.
    7. The cover screen of your folded phone gives you a real-time preview of the photo.
    8. You can also choose to use a larger viewfinder to get a better preview by using the flat mode.






    1. One of the biggest concerns for any smartphone user is often about how long their device is going to serve them.
    2. This is because a device such as the Galaxy Z Flip4 is costly to acquire.
    3. Fears about falls, and water dips, among other threats, have been put to rest by the Galaxy Z Flip4.
    4. It is water-resistant. It can stay in 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes without any damage.
    5. There is an apparent concern about the degradation of the hinges due to the frequent flips.
    6. The hinges are built to be resilient and can handle more than 200,000 folds.



Battery life

    1. The Galaxy Z Flip4 is an improvement of the Galaxy Z Flip3 with respect to battery capacity.
    2. It has a battery capacity of 3700 mAh, up from 3300 mAh in the Galaxy Z Flip3.
    3. This eliminates your battery charge anxiety and can last you through a whole day’s schedule without battery low alarms.




Memory, storage, and processor

    1. While it maintains an 8GB RAM size, the Galaxy Z Flip4 has doubled permanent/internal storage to 256GB.
    2. The Galaxy Z Flip3 has a 128GB internal storage size.
    3. The 8GB RAM works with a Snapdragon 8+ processor, which makes it one of the fastest smartphones in the market.



Does the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 support an S Pen?

No, the Galaxy Z Flip4 does not support an S Pen functionality, but the Galaxy Z Fold4 does.



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Galaxy Z Flip4 Accessories

    1. The following accessories are available for the Galaxy Z Flip4;
        1. Galaxy Buds2 Pro for crystal clear sound in your ears
        2. Galaxy smart tag to quickly track lost items. Identifies last known location through the  SmartThings Find app.
        3. Galaxy Watch5 Pro for workouts and exercise
        4. Phone covers
    2. The accessories are sold separately.