Realme Pad Review – All You Need to Know

    1. The Realme Pad is a high-end and the only tablet in the Realme array of smart devices.
    2. It is designed for comfort and portability.
    3. This is a Realme Pad review detailing the price, specs, and features.
    4. Read on for details on the Realme Pad colors, Realme Pad battery, and Realme Pad accessories.
    5. Find out more about the Realme Pad display, Realme Pad keyboard, and the Realme Pad Android version.



Realme Pad price in Kenya (Ksh. 23 – 29,000)

    1. Realme Pad costs Ksh. 23 – 29,000 depending on specs like internal storage capacity.
    2. You can buy it at the Realme official store.
    3. The tablet is also available at the Phones & Tablets Kenya store as well as Jumia.


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Realme Pad costs Ksh. 23 – 29,000. Picture/Realme



Realme Pad android version

    1. Realme Pad runs on the realme UI for Pad OS that is based on the Android 11 version which brings a fast, powerful, and smooth experience.
    2. Application startup speed has been greatly improved, new privacy protection mechanism adopted will guarantee the security of data.
    3. This OS version allows you to virtually install and run every App available currently, some of which might not be compatible with other Android versions.



Realme Pad accessories and box contents

    1. Accessories are devices that are not integral to the operation of an intelligent device as designed by the manufacturer.
    2. They help you take full advantage of your tablet through additional functionalities such as expanded storage.
    3. Realme Pad has the following accessories;
        1. Realme Pad tablet
        2. 18W Charger
        3. Important Info booklet with Warranty Card
        4. Type-C cable
        5. SIM Card Tool
        6. Quick Guide
        7. OTG
        8. A separate Keyboard and Mouse
        9. The tablet supports a stylus pen.



Realme Pad display (10.4 inches screen size)

    1. When watching a clip, reading, or playing a game, screen size is often one of your biggest concerns.
    2. The display area determines how much perspective you encounter, comfort, and ease of operating your phone.
    3. Realme Pad has a 10.4-inch LCD immersive display with an 82.5% screen-to-body ratio.
    4. The WUXGA+ tablet screen has a 2000×1200 pixel resolution.
    5. These features guarantee not only ultra-clear and sharp pictures on your screen but also comfortable viewing.
    6. Thanks to a 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, the Realme Pad can display up to 16.7 million colors.
    7. This gives you accurate color for more realistic visuals.
    8. The tablet also has typical screen brightness of 365 nits with Sunlight Mode for clear screen visibility outdoors.
    9. This makes Realme Pad the perfect tablet for watching your favorite movies and reading e-Books on the go.





Realme Pad battery life (7100 mAh)

    1. Realme Pad has a battery capacity of 7100 mAh. Its ultra-massive battery capacity sets you up for a week without power running out.
    2. This gives you arguably an extended battery for more time in streaming, chatting, gaming, and more.
    3. Whether working, studying, or playing, you never have to worry about running out of power.
    4. You can quickly recharge your battery through the tablet’s 18W fast charging.




Realme Pad Keyboard

    1. Realme Pad has a smart wireless keyboard to give you more responsive typing.
    2. It is slim, portable, and easy to carry around.
    3. The wireless keyboard is meant to be your companion especially when you travel.
    4. It can automatically pair with Realme Pad once it securely clicks in place, transforming your tablet into a portable laptop.
    5. When folded, it turns into a slim and rugged front and back case, protecting your tablet against scratches and damages.
    6. The keyboard can be paired with a mouse and connected to the tablet through an adapter fitted into an OTG.



Realme Pad color and dimensions

    1. Users often want a fancy gadget appealing to the eyes with the right texture.
    2. The Realme Pad assumes a 6.9 mmm ultra-thin design that is flexible and efficient.
    3. The tablet is designed in the following colors;
        1. Real Gold
        2. Real Grey
    4. The polished body with curved edges gives the tablet an elegant look.
    5. Realme Pad measures 246.1 mm in height, 155.9 mm in width, and 6.9 mm in thickness.
    6. It weighs about 440g.



Realme Pad memory and internal storage (64GB ROM, 4GB RAM)

    1. Internal storage has been a constant fuss for many smartphone users.
    2. The notorious “insufficient storage” has earned many creases on people’s faces as they try to download information or navigate their phones.
    3. Realme Pad has an internal storage capacity of 64GB and 4GB RAM.
    4. Other Realme Pad devices have 32GB ROM and 3GB RAM.
    5. The internal storage is expandable through external storage accessories like SD cards.



Realme Pad audio

    1. Realme Pad has stereo quad speakers with Dolby Atoms.
    2. Dolby Atoms is a spatial sound technology designed to enhance the realness, clarity, and detail of any audio you listen to.
    3. Realme Pad adaptive surround sound makes you feel part of the production you interact with, be it a movie, game, or music.






Realme Pad cellular connectivity (Single SIM)

    1. Realme Pad connects you to networks that allow you to communicate.
    2. It has WiFi connectivity for internet access and Bluetooth/NFC for file transfers.
    3. It supports the following networks;
        1. 4G
        2. GSM/2G
        3. HSPA
        4. FDD LTE
        5. WCDMA/3G
    4. Realme Pad has a single Nano SIM slot.



Realme Pad fingerprint sensor

    1. Realme Pad is equipped with a face recognition feature to secure your device.
    2. Alongside the face sensor, the Realme Pad has the following other sensors;
        1. G-sensor that detects motion and location of your device.
        2. Ambient light sensor to make phone screen lighting comfortable to the user.
        3. Gyro sensor for picture stabilization when using the camera.
        4. Proximity sensor that detects a phone close to the ear and turns off the screen.
        5. Hall sensor



Is the Realme Pad Pro good for gaming?

    1. Realme Pad is a suitable gaming device because of its big screen.
    2. Its screen has a very high resolution to give you clear and smooth pictures as you play video games.
    3. The tablet has an Helio G80 gaming processor to allow a faster, more reliable gaming experience.
    4. Its massive battery can also sustain many hours of gaming.



Realme Pad costs Ksh. 23 – 29,000. Picture/Realme



Realme Pad camera

    1. Realme Pad has capable front and rear cameras.
    2. The 8-megapixel HD rear camera captures sufficiently clear and sharp photos.
    3. The 8 MP HD front camera guarantees the most beautiful version of your face through sharp and ultra-clear selfies.
    4. Thanks to the 105° wide angle lens, the selfie camera captures more details and perspective on your picture.



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Realme Pad processor

    1. A smartphone is as good as its processing speed.
    2. With modern realities where you might need to execute multiple tasks at a go, you need an unwavering processor.
    3. Powered with an Helio G80 gaming processor, the tablet is built to handle heavy-duty multitasking.




Is the Realme Pad tablet waterproof?