LHD687 LG Home Theatre Sound System Review – All You Need to Know

    1. LHD687 LG Home Theatre is a sound system that is designed to replicate the movie cinema experience.
    2. Working together with devices like TVs, the home theater creates an immersive surround sound that drags you to the center of the show.
    3. This is an LHD687 LG Home Theatre review detailing the price, specs, and features.
    4. Read on for details on the LHD687 LG Home Theatre amplifier, antenna, and Bluetooth connection.
    5. We tell you about the LHD687 LG Home Theatre gaming, monitor, and LHD687 LG Home Theatre receiver.



LHD687 LG Home Theatre price in Kenya (Ksh. 57,000)

    1. LHD687 LG Home Theatre costs approximately Ksh. 57,000 on LG store.
    2. LHD687 LG Home Theatre is also available on Jumia.



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LHD687 LG Home Theatre costs approximately Ksh. 57,000 and is available at the LG store. Picture/LG



LHD687 LG Home Theatre amplifier (receiver)

    1. LHD687 LG Home Theatre has a powerful amplifier that has multiple input modes.
    2. Through the AV receiver, you can play a DVD or CD through the designated tray.
    3. You can also play music or videos through auxiliary (Aux) or HDMI cables and USB.
    4. Conveniently pair and play music via Bluetooth and enjoy music on a variety of devices such as smartphones and tablets.
    5. The AV receiver can play videos of up to 1080p resolution and 60Hz refresh rate.
    6. With various connectivity options, set up your speaker to meet all your entertainment needs.

LHD687 LG Home Theatre antenna

The home theatre system has an antenna that enables you to tune various radio and FM stations.




LHD687 LG Home Theatre design and setup

    1. The sound system is designed for easy installation in rooms.
    2. The setup is simple with instructions that are stress-free and without complications and clutter of wires.
    3. The installation instructions are meant to assist you to experience a higher sense of audio clarity.
    4. You can connect various inputs wirelessly through Bluetooth technology.






LHD687 LG Home Theatre monitor

    1. LHD687 LG Home Theatre is made to reproduce powerful sound which goes up to 1,250 watts.
    2. The speakers (monitors) are designed in a 4.2 setup that included 4 tweeter speakers and 2 subwoofers for bass.
    3. The 4.2 channel setup allows you to hear audio with great detail for an overall better listening experience.
    4. The dual subwoofers are fitted at the bottom of the home theatre system to amplify bass all around you.
    5. The tweeter speakers on the other hand reproduce sharp/high-frequency sound for sweet melodies.
    6. All speakers including bass speakers have a 3 ohms impedance that brings an appropriate power balance between them and the amplifier.


LHD687 LG Home Theatre TV Sound Sync

    1. The sound system has a TV Sound Sync feature that allows you to extend TV audio to powerful speakers.
    2. Once you connect your TV to the home theatre via Bluetooth, you will immediately notice the difference in sound quality.




LHD687 LG Home Theatre karaoke

    1. The LHD687 LG Home Theatre has amazing karaoke features that include microphone and echo volume controls.
    2. Karaoke is a form of entertainment that involves a person singing along to a song playing in the background.
    3. Though common in bars and social joints, it is not a bad choice for home entertainment.
    4. The primary issue in doing karaoke at home is getting the audio from your microphone and the TV song to mix flawlessly.
    5. While there is a special karaoke kit, a home theater system can accommodate karaoke and give you better surround sound.
    6. LHD687 LG Home Theatre can work alongside other devices like a microphone receiver and a sound mixer to give you the ultimate karaoke experience.
    7. Other karaoke features included in this sound system include fanfare and CD voice remover.
    8. These features ensure a strong, clear projection of the singer’s voice.







LHD687 LG Home Theatre accessories

    1. Remote control
    2. Batteries (Remote Controller)
    3. User manual

LHD687 LG Home Theatre equalizer

    1. The equalizer can be put through to different modes that give you specialized surround sound.
    2. The equalizer can tune you into the following;
        1. Standard audio
        2. Bass blast for improved sound.
        3. Football to give you the sporting ambiance

LHD687 LG Home Theatre dynamic range control

    1. LHD687 LG Home Theatre is fitted with a dynamic range control feature that balances the intensity of sound.
    2. Dynamic range control is an audio processing technology that amplifies low/quiet sound and lowers loud sound.
    3. This is ideal in listening to various productions because it can give background audio prominence as the main action/audio continues.
    4. Dynamic range control particularly comes in handy when watching movies to achieve a sound balance between different scenes in the movie.