iPad Air 5th Generation Review – All You Need to Know

    1. iPad Air 5th Generation is a high-end tablet that fully immerses you in what you are reading, creating, or watching.
    2. The iPad makes this possible with a big screen and accessories like the magic keyboard and Apple Pencil.
    3. iPad Air 5th Generation was released in March 2022.
    4. This is an iPad Air 5th Generation review with details on price, specs, and features.
    5. Read on for details on the iPad Air 5th Generation battery life, colors, and the iPad Air 5th Generation cellular connectivity.
    6. We explain features like the iPad Air 5th Generation refresh rate, iPad Air 5th Generation display, and iPad Air 5th Generation face ID.



iPad Air 5th Generation Price in Kenya (KES. KSh 81,000 – KSh 120,500)

    1. iPad Air 5th Generation costs between KSh 81,000 – KSh 120,500 depending on factors like internal storage capacity.
    2. The iPad Air 5th Generation is available on Jumia.
    3. iPad Air 5th Generation is also available at Phone Place Kenya and Apple Stores in Kenya.



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iPad Air 5th Generation costs between KSh 81,000 – KSh 120,500. Picture/Apple



iPad Air 5th Generation accessories (magic keyboard and pencil)

    1. Accessories are devices that are not integral to the operation of a gadget as designed by the manufacturer.
    2. They help you take full advantage of your device through additional functionalities such as expanded storage.
    3. iPad Air 5th Generation has the following accessories;
        1. A magic keyboard for responsive typing, perfect for sending an email or writing a short story.
        2.  Smart Folio covers/cases in beautiful new colors for front and back protection.
        3. Using Apple Pencil you can draw, take notes, and mark up screenshots and photos.
        4. USB Type-C
        5. VGA and HDMI adapters (sold separately)



iPad Air 5th Generation memory and storage (256GB ROM, 8GB RAM)

    1. Internal storage has been a constant fuss for many smartphone users.
    2. The notorious “insufficient storage” has earned many creases on people’s faces as they try to download information or navigate their phones.
    3. iPad Air 5th Generation has an internal storage capacity of up to 256GB, and 8GB of RAM.
    4. Other iPad Air 5th Generation devices have 64GB internal storage.




iPad Air 5th Generation battery

    1. iPad Air 5th Generation has a 28.6‐watt-hour rechargeable lithium‑polymer battery that gives you extended battery life.
    2. The iPad Air 5th Generation battery sets you up for 2 days without a recharge including up to 10 hours of surfing the web on Wi‐Fi or watching videos.
    3. Quickly replenish your iPad Air 5th Generation with USB Type-C Fast Charging.




iPad Air 5th Generation colors and design

    1. Smartphone users would often want to hold a fancy gadget that is appealing to the eyes with the right texture.
    2. iPad Air 5th Generation is designed in the following colors;
        1. Space Gray
        2. Starlight
        3. Pink
        4. Purple
        5. Blue
    3. You can choose the one that most appeals to you from five gorgeous colors.
    4. iPad Air 5th Generation measures 247.6 mm in height x 178.5 mm in width x 6.1 mm in thickness and weighs 462 grams.






iPad Air 5th Generation cellular connectivity (Single SIM)

    1. iPad Air 5th Generation connects you to networks that allow you to put your phone to its primary use: communication.
    2. It has Superfast Wi-Fi 6 connectivity for internet access and GPS.
    3. It supports the following networks;
        1. 5G hyper-fast internet.
        2. GSM/2G
        3. GPRS
        4. FDD LTE
        5. HSPA+
        6. 4G
        7. eSIM
        8. WCDMA/3G
        9. TD-LTE
    4. iPad Air 5th Generation has a single NanoSIM slot.



iPad Air 5th Generation display (60Hz refresh rate)

    1. When watching a clip, reading, or playing a game, screen size is often one of your biggest concerns.
    2. The display area determines how much perspective you encounter, comfort, and ease of operating your phone.
    3. iPad Air 5th Generation has a big 10.9-inch screen, 2360-by-1640 resolution with a 264 pixels per inch (PPI) pixel density.
    4. The tablet screen is built on an IPS with an LED-backlit Multi-Touch display.
    5. These features guarantee not only ultra-clear and sharp pictures on your screen but also comfortable viewing.
    6. iPad Air 5th Generation has typical screen brightness of 500 nits to give you a clear view of the screen when you are outdoors.
    7. It also has an oleophobic coating to keep fingerprints off of your screen.
    8. Thanks to a 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, iPad Air 5th Generation gives you accurate color for more realistic visuals.
    9. The iPad Air 5th Generation has a standard 60Hz refresh rate and lacks the signature Apple ProMotion technology that has up to 120 Hz refresh rate.


Does the iPad Air 5th Generation have Face ID?





iPad Air 5th Generation Touch ID

    1. Touch ID is built into the top button, so you can use your fingerprint to unlock your iPad and sign in to apps.
    2. Alongside the fingerprint sensor, the iPad Air 5th Generation has the following other sensors;
        1. G-sensor that detects motion and location of your device.
        2. Ambient light sensor to make phone screen lighting comfortable to the user.
        3. Gyro sensor for picture stabilization when using the camera.
        4. Proximity sensor that detects a phone close to the ear and turns off the screen.






iPad Air 5th Generation Camera

    1. The iPad Air has 12-megapixel wide main camera that captures photos with high clarity, more detail, and perspective.
    2. With EIS/Auto image stabilization, your iPad Air 5th Generation records your videos more smoothly and captures finer details even in low light.
    3. The 12 MP ultra-wide front camera guarantees the most beautiful version of your face through sharp and ultra-clear selfies.
    4. It expands your view in a significant way, seeing almost as much as your eyes can, much wider than the Wide-angle Camera does.
    5. Face timing is executed to perfection by the front camera enabled by the smart HDR feature.
    6. iPad Air 5th Generation has video recording capabilities of 1080p HD resolution and up to a 60fps frame rate.
    7. It has a powerful AI feature that automatically enhances your photos so you can upgrade your images right away.
    8. iPad Air 5th Generation camera has the following features;
        1. Photo geotagging
        2. Burst mode
        3. Panorama




Is the iPad Air 5th Generation waterproof?

No. Apple iPads are not waterproof.



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iPad Air 5th Generation chipset

    1. A smartphone is as good as its processing speed.
    2. In the modern world, your phone needs to be fast and able to execute multiple tasks at a go.
    3. Powered with an octa-core Apple M1 chip processor, the tablet is built to handle heavy-duty multitasking.
    4. This gives you epic night shots, incredibly clear photos day and night, and an optimized mobile gaming experience.




Is the iPad Air 5th Generation good for gaming?

    1. The iPad Air 5th Generation tablet is an exceptional gaming device firstly because of its wide screen.
    2. Its screen has very high resolution to give you clear sharp pictures as you play video games.
    3. The iPad Air 5th Generation has an octa-core processor to allow a faster, more reliable gaming experience.
    4. Its massive battery can also sustain many hours of gaming.



iPad Air 5th Generation operating system (iPadOS 15)

iPadOS comes with powerful features and built-in apps designed to take advantage of the unique capabilities of the iPad.