How does a Piezo-electric Ignition Work in a Gas Cooker?

    1. A piezo-electric ignition is a form of ignition that is used to ignite some gas burners.
    2. It is not powered by actual electric current but derives its voltage from high pressure.
    3. It works under the Piezo-electricity concept which refers to accumulated voltage formed by specific materials in response to high pressure.
    4. Pressing the switch/button introduces immense pressure on piezo-electric material such as a Quartz crystal.
    5. Pushing the button drives a spring-loaded hammer toward the crystal.
    6. The pressure exerted on the crystal releases a high voltage which then sparks/ignites the gas.
    7. Piezo-electric ignition systems are usually fitted with switch buttons, levers, or a knob in the case of a gas burner.
    8. The igniting voltage is usually produced once at each turn of the knob.


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