How Does a Defrost Thermostat Work in a Refrigerator?

    1. A thermostat is a critical component in a refrigerator’s cooling and defrost systems.
    2. It regulates the temperatures inside the fridge which determines how fast your food gets cold/frozen.
    3. The refrigerator thermostat usually resides inside the refrigerator and has a tuning knob to regulate temperature levels.
    4. Adjustment of temperature involves increasing or decreasing the flow of electricity to the compressor.
    5. A defrost thermostat is part of the refrigerator defrosting process.
    6. In semi auto defrost systems, once the defrost button is pushed, metal alloys are triggered to warm and melt the ice.
    7. Once the temperatures reach a certain level, the thermostat turns off the heating.
    8. A defective thermostat can cause overheating and finally damage the fridge.


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