Galaxy Z Fold4 Review – All You Need to Know

    1. Smartphone brands have adopted an incremental approach to producing and selling modern smartphones.
    2. Samsung has, for instance, been upgrading and improving subsequent releases of their different smartphone products.
    3. One such example is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, which is a tablet and a one-hand-use smartphone is a single unit.
    4. The Galaxy Z Fold has seen different generations coming into the market in recent years. They include;
        1. Galaxy Z Fold2
        2. Galaxy Z Fold3
        3. Galaxy Z Fold4
    5. This is a review of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 foldable device;



Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 price in Kenya (KSh 244,999)

    1. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 costs KSh 244,999 and is available on Jumia.
    2. Click here to view/buy the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 on Jumia.




    1. Versatility is a top selling point of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4. You can easily switch between using a tablet and a single-hand smartphone.
    2. This allows you to put the gadget to different uses. For instance, you can use it in its folded form to make calls and type text.
    3. You can as well unfold the device to read/watch content on your extended screen size.



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Bigger display area for Multitasking 

    1. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 has the main screen size of 7.6 inches in its unfolded form.
    2. The cover screen (folded) is 6.2 inches.
    3. You can toggle between watching your videos and catching up on emails by having multiple windows on your screen.
    4. Multi-view and multitasking aspects work hand-in-hand to assist you to quickly navigating between the multiple Apps added to the taskbar.




Get clear pictures on a bigger viewing area

    1. In addition to its 7.6-inch main screen size, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 has a high screen resolution of 2176 x 1812 pixels.
    2. It also has a pixel density of 374 pixels per inch (PPI) to give you clear and sharper images on your screen.
    3. The folded cover screen has a resolution of 2316 x 904 pixels with an even higher pixel density of 402 PPI.
    4. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4’s AMOLED screen display is backed up with a refresh rate of 120Hz.
    5. The high refresh rate allows it to quickly display picture frames, an attribute behind its remarkable, smooth gaming and animation experiences.



Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Multi-camera

    1. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is dotted with multiple cameras which you can use whether it is folded or unfolded.
    2. It has a cover camera that can be used as a front camera when it is folded. The 10-megapixel captures crisp selfies.
    3. There is another camera tucked under the display in its folded form that has a 4-megapixel sensor.
    4. The main camera is a triple camera fitted on the back that has a high-power wide-angle camera sensor with 50 megapixels.
    5.  This camera is supported by an ultra-wide angle camera and a telephoto camera with 12 and 10 megapixels respectively.
    6. Portrait photography relies on the telephoto lens for the bokeh effect.




Effective memory,  storage, and operating system

    1. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is fitted with a super RAM size of 12GB.
    2. It is the largest RAM you can find in the smartphone market.
    3. Permanent storage space varies in the following sizes;
        1. 512GB
        2. 256GB
        3. 1TB
    4. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is powered by the Android 12 operating system.
    5. Supported by 12GB RAM is a  64-bit Octa-Core Processor.



Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 security features

    1. Like any other modern smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is equipped with face recognition and fingerprint security features.
    2. The two are completed by passwords, patterns, and PINs.






Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 network connectivity

    1. The device supports the latest 5th generation (5G) network.
    2. It has both Nano SIM slots and eSIM options.



Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 durability

    1. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is water resistant. It can resist submersion in up to 1.5 meters of freshwater for up to 30 minutes.
    2. Water resistance keeps your device running even after accidental drops inside water, thereby increasing durability.
    3. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is also fitted with brushes to protect the hinges where the device folds and unfolds.
    4. The brushes protect the hinges from dirt.
    5. You are advised to fit screen protectors to protect your screens from scratches and breakages.



Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 S Pen

    1. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 comes with an S Pen that is usually attached to the device’s outer case.
    2. The S Pen is made for precision as you touch your screen.
    3. While the finger-to-screen operation is okay, the strokes of the S Pen on your tablet are more precise because your finger is clearly thicker than the pen.





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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 battery 

    1. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is designed to sustain your daily routine.
    2. It has two batteries that have a total 4400mAh (typical) to power your day.
    3. You can step up the power in a flash with Fast Charging.



Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 colors

    1. Gray-green
    2. Phantom black
    3. Beige
    4. Burgundy