Galaxy Buds2 Pro Review – All You Need to Know

    1. Galaxy Buds2 Pro is a pair of high-end Samsung earbuds with a special surround sound that offers the ultimate listening experience.
    2. Galaxy Buds2 Pro gives you the companionship of your favorite music beats whether you are flying, or walking along the street shielding you from the hustle and bustle around you.
    3. This is a Galaxy Buds2 Pro review detailing the price, specs, and features.
    4. Read on for information on the Galaxy Buds2 Pro case, Galaxy Buds2 Pro controls, and Galaxy Buds2 Pro Hi-Fi audio.
    5. We outline details about the Galaxy Buds2 Pro battery life, compatibility, and Galaxy Buds2 Pro connection.




Galaxy Buds2 Pro price in Kenya (Ksh. 24,000)

    1. The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro cost Ksh. 24,000 on Jumia.
    2. They are also available at the Samsung Brandcart at a similar price.



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The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro cost Ksh. 24,000 on Jumia. They are available at the Samsung Brandcart at a similar price. Picture/Samsung



Galaxy Buds2 Pro case and battery life (61mAh for each earbud, 515mAh case) 

    1. Thanks to the earbud battery Galaxy Buds2 Pro offers up to 5 hours of playing time when fully charged.
    2. Each of the two earbuds is fitted with a 61 mAh battery, supported by a 515 mAh charging case.
    3. This means you can go for the better part of the day listening to music, watching, calling, or gaming before looking to recharge.
    4. The handy charging case (cradle) provides up to 18 hours to keep you going throughout the day.
    5. Galaxy Buds2 Pro’s battery life depends on whether the ANC mode is on or off.



Galaxy Buds2 Pro compatibility

    1. Galaxy Buds2 Pro earbuds are compatible with Samsung devices running on at least One UI 4.0.
    2. Some of the devices that can be used with Galaxy Buds2 Pro include;
        1. Galaxy Z Flip.
        2. Galaxy Z Flip 5G.
        3. Galaxy Z Fold 3.
        4. Galaxy Z Flip 3.



Is Galaxy Buds2 Pro compatible with iPhone?

    1. No.  Galaxy Buds2 Pro is compatible with Android phones with Android 10 version or newer and at least 1.5GB of RAM.
    2. Galaxy Buds2 Pro does not have iOS compatibility.




Galaxy Buds2 Pro Hi-Fi audio

    1. Galaxy Buds2 Pro is fitted with a 2-way Hi-Fi speaker system.
    2. Hi-Fi means high-fidelity sound and it refers to the accurate reproduction of sound through the earbud speakers.
    3. This gives you not only a 360 degrees surround sound but also plays the original audio as recorded in the studio.
    4. Listening to speakers with no Hi-Fi can expose you to distorted sound that was not originally intended.



Galaxy Buds2 Pro colors and dimensions

    1. Galaxy Buds2 Pro gives you an enjoyable comfortable fit, thanks to the ergonomically designed earbuds.
    2. The ergonomic design is a flexible design that is meant to fit the geometry and shape of your ear.
    3. The earbuds are made in the following colors;
        1. White
        2. Gray
        3. Purple
    4. The earbuds weigh 5.5 grams each.



The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro cost Ksh. 24,000 on Jumia. They are available at the Samsung Brandcart at a similar price. Picture/Samsung



Galaxy Buds2 Pro controls

    1. Galaxy Buds2 Pro has an Auto Switch feature that intelligently detects mobile activity and seamlessly shifts connection to your Samsung Galaxy phone, tablet, and watch.
    2. It can switch to answering the phone even when you are connected to a Samsung TV.
    3. Once the Galaxy Buds2 Pro is connected to the Samsung TV via Bluetooth, there is no need to take the earbuds out to answer the phone.
    4. Incoming calls can be answered simply by tapping the Galaxy Buds2 Pro twice.




Galaxy Buds2 Pro Dolby Atoms

    1. Galaxy Buds2 Pro has Dolby Atoms which facilitates an enhanced interaction between sound and your hearing sense, which enables your brain to perceive a location.
    2. The aim is to make you feel part of the production you interact with, be it a movie, game, or music.



Galaxy Buds2 Pro release date

Galaxy Buds2 Pro was released on August 26, 2022.




Galaxy Buds2 Pro ANC mode

    1. Galaxy Buds2 Pro has an ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) mode with 3 high SNR microphones to eliminate more exterior noise.
    2. ANC involves the production of internal sound signals to counter or suppress external noise.
    3. The enhanced wind flow technology helps reduce ear canal pressure to reduce noise for comfort and clarity either listening to music or on a phone call.



Is Galaxy Buds2 Pro waterproof?

    1. Galaxy Buds2 Pro earbuds are made in such a way that you can work out with them on, as well as walk in the rain while listening to music.
    2. The waterproof capability makes them resistant to rain and sweat.






Galaxy Buds2 Pro connection

    1. Galaxy Buds2 Pro will automatically pop up on your Samsung Galaxy devices and are ready to connect with a tap.
    2. It connects with Bluetooth v5.3 technology.



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Galaxy Buds2 Pro sensors

    1. An accelerometer that tracks the motion and location of your device.
    2. Touch sensor
    3. Proximity sensor that detects a phone close to the ear.
    4. Hall sensor
    5. VPU(Voice Pickup Unit)



Does Galaxy Buds2 Pro support wireless charging?

Yes. The Galaxy Buds2 Pro earbuds come with a wireless charging case.