Galaxy Buds Review – All You Need to Know

    1. The Galaxy Buds are a pair of high-end Samsung earbuds with the high-resolution live sound that makes you feel part of the concert.
    2. Galaxy Buds give you the companionship of your favorite music beats whether you are flying, or walking along the street shielding you from the hustle and bustle around you.
    3. This is a Galaxy Buds review detailing the price, specs, and features.
    4. Read on for information on the Galaxy Buds case, Galaxy Bud controls, and Galaxy Buds ambient noise.
    5. We outline details about the Galaxy Buds’ battery life, compatibility, and Galaxy Buds colors.




Galaxy Buds price in Kenya (Ksh. 16,000)

    1. Samsung Galaxy Buds cost Ksh. 16,000 at the Samsung Brandcart.
    2. The Galaxy Buds are also available on Jumia.



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The Samsung Galaxy Buds cost Ksh. 16,000 at the Samsung Brandcart. Picture/Samsung



Galaxy Buds ambient sound

    1. The Galaxy Buds deal with ambient/surrounding sound using dual microphone technology.
    2. Ambient sound mostly constitutes noise that can hinder your listening experience.
    3. The dual sound technology involves inner and outer microphones that work hand-in-hand.
    4. These microphones detect and process your surroundings to keep unnecessary noise out of your conversation.



Galaxy Buds pairing (Bluetooth version 5.0)

Galaxy Buds work right out of the box, connecting with your Galaxy devices in an instant via Bluetooth.



Galaxy Buds AKG audio

    1. The Galaxy Buds are designed with the AKG audio experience that guarantees superior sound quality.
    2. AKG tunes the Galaxy Buds to deliver an incredibly rich, high-resolution live sound.
    3. This gives you the experience of a front-row seat at an entertainment show when you are literally not there.



Are Galaxy Buds waterproof?

    1. Galaxy Buds are made in such a way that you can work out with them on, as well as walk in the rain while listening to music.
    2. The waterproof capability makes them resistant to rain and sweat.



Galaxy Buds case and battery life (58 mAh for each earbud, 252 mAh case) 

      1. Thanks to the earbud battery Galaxy Buds offer up to 6 hours of playing time when fully charged.
      2. Each of the two earbuds is fitted with a 58 mAh battery, supported by a 252 mAh charging case.
      3. This means you can go for the better part of the day listening to music, watching, calling, or gaming before looking to recharge.
      4. The handy charging case (cradle) provides up to 20 hours to keep you going throughout the day.



Galaxy Buds  colors and dimensions

    1. Galaxy Buds give you an enjoyable comfortable fit, thanks to the ergonomically designed earbuds.
    2. Their ergonomic design is a flexible design that is meant to fit the geometry and shape of your ear.
    3. Galaxy Buds earbuds are made in white and black colors.
    4. The earbuds measure 19.2 mm in height, and 17.5 mm in width, and weigh 6 grams each.
    5. The charging case on the other hand 26.5 mm in height, 70 mm in width, and weighs 40 grams.






Galaxy Buds controls

    1. Galaxy Buds has a touch control feature that effectively controls what is playing in your ears.
    2. Use the following controls while using your earbuds;
        1. Single touch: Tap to play or pause tracks.
        2. Double touch: Double tap to play the next track, answer or end a call.
        3. Triple touch: Triple tap to play the previous track.
        4. Touch and hold: Activate a preset feature or decline a call.



Galaxy Buds Dolby Atoms

    1. Galaxy Buds has Dolby Atoms which facilitates an enhanced interaction between sound and your hearing sense, which enables your brain to perceive a location.
    2. With Dolby Head Tracking™ technology you’ll feel as though you’re in the center of the stage fully surrounded by sound.



Galaxy Buds equalizer

Galaxy Buds do not have an equalizer feature.



Galaxy Buds compatibility

The Galaxy Buds are compatible with Android & iOS devices.


The Samsung Galaxy Buds cost Ksh. 16,000 at the Samsung Brandcart. Picture/Samsung



Do Galaxy Buds support wireless charging?

Yes, Galaxy Buds come with a wireless charging dock.



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Galaxy Buds sensors

    1. An accelerometer that tracks the motion and location of your device.
    2. Touch sensor
    3. Proximity sensor that detects a phone close to the ear.
    4. Hall sensor
    5. VPU (Voice Pickup Unit)




Galaxy Buds alternatives

Other Samsung Galaxy earbuds available include;

    1. Galaxy Buds2 Pro
    2. Galaxy Buds Live
    3. Galaxy Buds Pro
    4. Galaxy Buds+