Caston 9 Band Radio Review – All You Need to Know

    1. Caston 9 Band Radio is a Long-Range AM Reception and FM Reception device that allows you to tune in and listen to your favorite radio stations.
    2. Like many modern stereo receivers, the Caston 9 Band Radio has a digital display that clearly shows station frequencies and time.
    3. This is a Caston 9 Band Radio review with details on price and sound quality.
    4. We tell you about the Caston 9 Band Radio antenna, power output, and design.



Caston 9 Band Radio price in Kenya (KSh 1,199)

Caston 9 Band Radio costs Ksh. 1,199 and is available on Jumia.



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Caston 9 Band Radio costs Ksh. 1,199 and is available on Jumia. Picture/Jumia



Caston 9 Band Radio sound quality and antenna

    1. Caston 9 Band Radio is built with a high sensitivity to FM radio stations.
    2. Supported by a 360 degrees rotating antenna, the radio can even bring in a weak station clearly.
    3.  The highly directional, high-gain antenna is able to pull in 90% of all FM stations within 200 miles of your location.
    4. The Caston 9 Band Radio projects a well-balanced sound, integrating low-frequency sound (bass) and high-pitched sounds.
    5. This gives you a seamless listening experience and high-clarity audio off the speaker.
    6. Its long-range reception capability makes it ideal for use in very remote areas when traveling or camping.
    7. Caston 9 Band Radio can reproduce sound frequencies with a wide bandwidth for good reception.
    8. A wider band of frequencies is ideal for reducing noise and distortion of sound.
    9. The radio is also a good piece of equipment to have on hand when there is an emergency.
    10. It can be used to receive important information when there is no power otherwise available.
    11. With world band signal reception (FM, MW, SW), it provides 60 station presets (20 presets for each band).
    12. Caston 9 Band Radio can also automatically or manually search and store radio stations, so you can freely switch stations and enjoy news or music.



Caston 9 Band Radio design

    1. Caston 9 Band Radio assumes a lightweight and compact design.
    2. This sets it apart from the typical transistor radios that were used in the recent past.
    3. The speaker, circuits, and FM tuner are fitted in a single unit that has an elegant dignified finish.
    4. The volume and tuning knobs are featured prominently on the front side, complete with a radio frequency dial scale inside a clear glass.
    5. A strong foldable handle grips both ends of the radio, allowing you to securely carry it around with ease.
    6. Following continuous improvements, the radio now allows you to tune accurately for a real human voice.
    7. You can also play music directly on the Caston 9 Band Radio through the following input modes;
        1. USB
        2. Bluetooth
        3. SD Card
    8. With a 1.37-inch LCD display screen, it can digitally display stations, bands, frequencies, and battery status.
    9. Equipped with LED backlight, it is convenient to use at night.



Caston 9 Band Radio costs Ksh. 1,199 and is available on Jumia. Picture/Jumia



Caston 9 Band Radio accessories

    1. Batteries
    2. User guide



Caston 9 Band Radio controls

    1. The volume button allows you to control the sound intensity; how loud or low the sound is from the speaker.
    2. The tuning button allows you to adjust frequencies and listen to a specific FM radio station.
    3. You can turn the knob while observing the frequency dial through the transparent glass.
    4. The volume and FM tuning knobs are fitted to the side of the radio’s casing.
    5. You can also switch between SW, AM and FM stations using the AM/FM button at the front of the radio.



Caston 9 Band Radio Battery

    1. Caston 9 Band Radio can be used with both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC).
    2. It is fitted with a Li-on rechargeable battery that gives you long hours of playtime.
    3. Internally, it has excellent integrated circuits that are dynamic to respond to different power sources.
    4. Caston 9 Band Radio’s integrated circuits are designed to consume minimal power to keep it working for longer periods of time.



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Caston 9 Band Radio costs Ksh. 1,199 and is available on Jumia. Picture/Jumia



Caston 9 Band Radio alternatives

Other effective and affordable stereo radios include;

    1. Sonitec ST-3030 FM Radio
    2. Joc Fm Radio Rechargeable Digital FM Radio
    3. Sonitec ST-4848 Radio
    4. Sonitec Home Portable FM/AM 5 BAND Radio
    5. Robot Digital Mp3 Music Player Radio
    6. Caston 15W Broadband FM/SW1/SW2/AM Radio