Can I Use Home Theater Speakers for Karaoke?

    1. Karaoke is a form of entertainment that involves a person singing along to a song playing in the background.
    2. Though common in bars and social joints, it is not a bad choice for home entertainment.
    3. The primary issue in doing karaoke at home is getting the audio from your microphone and the TV song to mix flawlessly.
    4. While there is a special karaoke kit, a home theater system can accommodate karaoke and give you better surround sound.
    5.  A home theater system can work alongside other devices like a microphone receiver and a sound mixer to give you the ultimate karaoke experience.
    6. You will need a digital optical cable to transmit the sound from the television to the sound mixer.
    7. A microphone jack will transmit audio from your singing microphone to the microphone receiver.
    8. From the microphone receiver, your audio is transmitted to the main sound mixer where it meets the TV audio.
    9. The joint sound is then relayed to the AV receiver/home theater using an AV cable.
    10. The AV receiver will do the mixing and moderation of the sound.
    11. Once the connections are done, switch on your microphone, microphone receiver, sound mixer, and the home theater.
    12. Turn the volumes to your liking and sing.


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